LOG_02: We have been traveling for about a year now.  There has been no communication from Earth. We have no idea if they are still alive.  The mothership has approached a new planet with potential for Life.  A new mission amongst the Collective military has been enacted: Operation [OVERGROWTH].  This mission is the first to let anyone leave the ship, in the name of Progress. God knows what they will find Below.  We only hope that our Good Leader keeps them safe as they explore the terrain and find a place We can live.  Until next time.  Strive Towards the Future, at All Costs.

LOG_01: The world is ending.  Food supplies are running scarce.  Only those with a membership to the Collective Enterprise will make the Departure.  The rest of human civilization will be left to survive in this God forsaken wasteland.  All life has either ceased to exist, or begun mutating into the most hideous forms of being.  It is almost as if God himself has ditched the Human race and only Collective, the industrial giant, will live on.  We have brought only the Essentials on board the mothership, including seeds and livestock to last indefinitely.  The top minds have been brought on board, as well as the global elite.  As for the rest, all prisoners have been released from their holdings, and Earth's population has been left to fend for itself.  By the time Earth is habitable again, I am not sure anyone will have survived.  But for now, mission (EMPTY SPACE) must proceed.  Strive Towards the Future, at All Costs.