How to Run a Business with Anxiety

I will start off totally honest by starting off by saying I am unqualified to talk about this subject matter.  Not that I don't experience it, because I am diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, but that I am not yet at a successful point in which I can give actual tips on this stuff.  Currently, my stomach hurts because of the fear that I am not doing any of this correctly.  If you feel this too give me a holler, I'd like to know how you deal with it.  

When I feel like this, it usually feels like it lasts for way longer than it actually does, but nevertheless, it is there, and anybody who experiences this knows the feeling.  Mind racing, yet stuck all the same.  Fuuuuuuck this shit.  Except when I feel like I should take a long break from this thing I am building, my passion overrides everything and guilt those feelings away.  I sometimes go back to a Donald Glover quote I once read in a New York Times article called "Donald Glover Can't Save You" or something like that... it went something like "I wondered if everybody always felt this shitty" then something about just going ahead with his life because everybody else must feel the same yet keep on living.  

For people that struggle with anxiety and are trying to live life doing what they want for a living, I think the process is just a little harder.  The process is the most rewarding part, and anybody who is successful has to go through a VERY hard process to get there, but some people just have a little harder time.  See, what people without anxiety don't realize, (and don't quote me on this) is that it is largely a chemical imbalance in our bodies, or a mis-wiring of sorts in our brains that naturally get these thoughts going.  What I have is technically "not curable", but is manageable.  I went all day without an intrusive thought, until just a little while ago.  So I guess the moral of the story today is, if you have a similar experience, you will probably continue to have it.  But know that there is someone else out there with the same damn problem, and they hate it too.  Take pride in it, how much harder you have to work to deal with your issue, and keep pushing.